Restaurants Near Central Park

Central Park New York City is located in the centre of Manhattan which is the major commercial, financial and cultural center not only for the U.S but also for the world. The central park is grand spreading over 843 acres of land. This is one of the most frequented parks in the US. A Public Park called reservoir square was renamed as Bryant Park in the honor of deceased poet William Cullen Bryant.

The Central Park has great facilities built in like the tennis courts, playgrounds and fields. There are numerous options and activities that can be found in the central park. On the West side there is Swedish cottage and Shakespeare garden. In the New York Lawn bowling club in central park players are required to hold a permit. There is a Central Park located in Fredericksburg, Virginia which is a shopping complex.

Travelers can easily find ways to get to different places in New York with the transport system. To name a few stations, Pennsylvania station this happens to be the major intercity rail station; then there is Grand Central station which is a terminal station.

There are various restaurants near Central Park that it can boast of. Some of the finest restaurants are found within few blocks of central park, to name a few Central Park Boathouse. In fact the Central park also offers some places where one can binge upon snacks or alternately have a complete meal; a complete quality day can be spent in the Central Park.

One of the most high end restaurants is located in the park. There are about 22 Central Park South restaurants. The restaurants near the Central Park cater to various cuisines. In fact, there are many restaurants in and around the park to satisfy the active travelers and tourists.

Some of the restaurants offer exquisite dining experience and a comfortable atmosphere. There are some brunch restaurants as well. One of the most famous restaurants is located at Central Park called Tavern on the Green, located at the grounds of the park. Many tourists visit these places just to look at the huge options of food offered by the restaurants.

A traveler can never go starving in the city of New York due the wide range of food offered at the restaurants. It`s an absolute pleasure and comfort to travel in the city and without any worry of food. In fact, some of the restaurants in and near the Central Park are a delight for the travelers.