Central Park Horse Carriage Tours

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Central Park Horse Carriage Tours

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Central Park horse carriage tours are one of the best ways to experience the vast beauty of Central Park and New York City. These horse carriages are available for the entire year, and there are a variety of Central Park horse and carriage rides to choose from. All horse carriage rides are subject to specific regulations that are for the safety of the passengers.

Central Park horse carriage tours are one of the most loved and sought out attractions in New York City. Carriages can be found on Central Park South. These rides can be entertaining not only for adults, but also for children. Romantic individuals will certainly fall in love with the rides and enjoy themselves within the serene and lovely park.

A horse drawn carriage ride through the Central Park is to remind you of a time when the city was at its slower paced lifestyle. Central Park carriage rides are also one of the few inexpensive ways to view the Central Park. It has been quite common to take leisure rides on these carriages, which are horse drawn.

There are tours offered for these carriages depending on the different time duration. The tours will cover almost every part of Central Park like the Belvedere Castle, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Billy Johnson Playground, Arsenal, Strawberry Fields and many more.

Just a brief overview of some of the places to visit during these rides; Arsenal is between the 64th street and Fifth Avenue. It’s a brick building that predates Central Park. Bethesda terrace and fountain is one of Manhattan’s favorite meeting points. Central Park Zoo is a must for animal lovers and kids to visit. Strawberry fields serve as a garden of peace and are located at 72nd street, Central Park.

Other tours are also offered including Central Park pedicab tours and Central Park horse buggy tours through Central Park and New York City.

**NOTE: Rates for pre-paid carriage rides are based on standard walk-in prices, and an advanced booking fee.  Pre-paid carriage rides guarantee that a carriage will be available for you at your desired time and also allow you for customization of the ride.**

**A carriage accommodates up to 3 or 4 adults, and 2 children under 12 years old, 2 adults and 3 children under 12 years old, or 1 adult and up to 4 children under 12 years old.**
**Add-ons including photography, tour length, flowers, special pick-up/drop-off requests, etc. may increase total charges.**

**CANCELLATION POLICY: If any scheduled horse-carriage tours are canceled due to the following New York City rules, regulations and ordinances, you may choose to postpone the day service is given or request a full refund:

  1. Summer Regulations (above 89 degrees)
  2. Winter Regulations (below 19 degrees or blizzards)
  3. NYPD blockades, street closures.**

**24 HOURS PRIOR CANCELLATION: You may choose to postpone the day service is given or request a full refund.**
**SAME DAY CANCELLATION: You may choose to postpone the day service is given or request a refund with a $50 cancellation penalty.**
**FINAL HOUR CANCELLATION: If you need to cancel your tour within the last hour, no refund or postpone will be provided.**

If you would like cancel or make changes to your reservation, please call (646) 262-4216.