Central Park Bike Tours

From: $30.00

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Number of Persons

Central Park Bike Tours

Per Person
1 Hr 30.00
2 Hrs 45.00

Kids under 5 years old are free; A $10 trailer or kangaroo seat charge may apply.


Central Park bike tours are one of the most frequently visited places by both visitors and the locals. The Park offers a wide number of sightseeing attractions and opportunities. There is no better way to enjoy the scenic view of Central Park than to ride a bike.

Central Park bike tours are not the only option for tourists – you can be taken in the city as well. The terrain of the park is both uneven and flat offering the cyclists different levels of difficulty. The tourists can rent bikes and enjoy the beautiful park and NYC.

Central Park Bike Tours is also offering bottled water and snacks to keep you going all the way through the tour. Some of the popular sites that can be seen on the tour are Strawberry Fields international peace garden, Shakespeare Garden, concert sites and many more.

NYC bike tours can be enjoyed along the Hudson River Park Greenway. A camera is almost essential to capture the striking beauty of the Central Park and the city. There are professional guided bike tours as well. Another type of bike tour offered in the city is Architecture Central Park bike tour. These guided tours are not only filled with interesting information, but add a lot of fun to the tour.

Architecture Central Park bike tours incorporate the most historic attractions of Central Park. Some of these attractions include the Zoo, Conservatory water, Bethesda Terrace, Loeb Boathouse and many more. Towards the historic North sides one can witness Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir which is a water body 40 feet deep and basically provides water to all other pools in the park. A well informed guide will share important pieces of information pertaining to each site.

There are different kinds of NYC bike tours offered and the reservations need to be made before taking a Central Park bike tour. It is required that you are dressed appropriately so that you can ensure a comfortable bike ride. All the safety gadgets associated with the bike ride tour are provided by Central Park Bike Tours. These include a helmet, a chain lock, a map and trailers for small children.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best ways to enjoy Central Park and NYC.