Central Park Map


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Central Park, in the borough of Manhattan in the city of New York plays an integral role in day to day lives of the people of New York. Not to miss to mention that this place is an excellent visit for the tourists too. Since this Park is spread over 843 acres of land its necessary for the travelers to get a proper guide for the place.

There are many attractions for the travelers in the Central Park that one mustn`t miss when on a visit to the city. One of the most happening square of New York, the Times Square is also a must visit when on a trip to the city. It is known for Broadway theatres and cinemas.

There is no dearth of hotels in the city which eases the discomfort of types of travelers. Some of them are right in central New York. One of the most popular hotels is the Ritz-Carlton which is located at a convenient downtown location. It is towards South of Central Park. Ritz-Carlton is a brand known for luxury hotels. There is beautiful view of the New York City from the hotel which sets it apart from other hotels.

The city of New York is best for a visit when the weather is also suitable which usually is from mid-September to October and May to mid June. It will be wise to carry map of Central Park in order to get a complete in-depth of the place and to locate various places. Map does not allow you to lose your way and there is less dependency on the guide.

One must carry a camera to capture beautiful places of the Park and the City. Do remember that Central Park is a paradise for the joggers and a jogger`s map can also be a good idea for the first time visitors. Kids traveling along must be encouraged to write reviews for the place. The photos will become a memory thereafter and the reviews can be read many times again. This can become a truly fulfilling experience for the entire family.

Central Park happens to be one of the most beautiful sites for the city and hence for those to ensure absolute pleasure of the place can also take rented apartment close to the site. The real estate of the city has offers to guarantee the same.