How to get to The Central Park Zoo and What to see

Central Park Zoo is situated in Central Park and is one of the biggest attractions of the park and the city. The Zoo is managed by the Wildlife Conservation society. Although the zoo has been in existence since 1988, yet its history can be traced back to the previous century.

The Central Park Zoo is one of the best choices for the children and animal lovers. It is an urban zoo which is an absolute delight and is situated right in central of a popular park. There are two separate areas in the zoo; the petting zoo and the wildlife center. Most frequented event is the feeding of the sea lions and this occurs many times in a day.

Activities offered for the children include climbing activities, petting zoo and so on. A visit to NY calls for a visit to the Zoo as well. There are many hotels close to the place so accommodation in Manhattan, New York is also not a concern.

Tickets need to be purchased for entry to the place. About 130 species of animals can be found at the Zoo. Some of them include giant turtles, penguins, polar bear, pandas and Antarctic Penguin. There are many more fascinating animals. There is also the Tisch Children`s Zoo which has been exclusively designed keeping children below the age of 6 in mind.

Besides Central Park Zoo

The aquarium of NY which reflects diverse marine animals is also a must visit. This aquarium contains 8000 animals and includes the sea horse, sharks, etc. It is located in Coney Island and there are regular shows conducted for the public at the aquatheater.

One of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world, the Bronx Zoo is also a must see when on a visit to the city. It has more than 6000 species of animals including pink pigeons; American Bison, Chinese Alligator and many more. The Zoo is completely dedicated to conserve wildlife.

The spread of the Bronx zoo is over 500 acres of land and all the animals are made to stay in habitats which look like their native habitats. Here again maps would come handy when on an exploration to the zoo, although the signposts in the zoo are helpful for directions and to find the ways. Camera is must to capture the photos.

Undoubtedly the Central Park Zoo is a must see for all. The exotic birds and animals are an absolute site of joy for children and animal lovers.